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Character Actions Guide

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Character Actions Guide Empty Character Actions Guide

Post by Noella on Tue Feb 05, 2019 7:02 pm

In the game, there will be certain actions your character does that you will need to roll for. Why? It keeps things interesting. The game is composed of your character trying to complete a certain action such as searching for a bone, and rolling to see if they actually found it. Below is a lost of actions your character would roll. The following words specified below are the key to knowing when you need to roll the dice.

Many are mainly outcomes decided by the Fate Dice.

Search - when your character for something; bones, hidden prey, missing person, pawprints, etc.

Hide - Your characters ability to remain hidden from something; prey, spy mission, etc.

Stalk - Your ability to move silently; hunting prey, stalking a predator to attack from behind, etc.

Bluff - Ability to make someone believe a lie to conceal the truth.

Persuade - the ability to make people believe do or act on something.

Save - a chance for your character to prevent an action they don't want to happen. (This can only be used 1 time in an encounter)

Interrogate - gathering information from one person or more.

Heal - When your character is checking their health with their medical physician or checking health for an event, their will roll for it.

Dominate - Your character is using dominance against another to get them to do what you want them to do.

Listen - Using your senses to listen for anything around you.

Sense Motive - sensing a truth or detecting a lie from another character.

This list may be added to at any time!

Indicating an action
It helps when we know what action you are rolling for. To show an action, we recommend putting the action being rolled for at the bottum of your posts. All actions require the Fate Dice.

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