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Pack Ranks and Members

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Pack Ranks and Members Empty Pack Ranks and Members

Post by Noella on Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:01 am

The Arch (ark) OPEN 1/2
The leader of the pack. This wolf controls all that is around he/she. They are charged with tough decision making and thus have one of the toughest jobs in the pack. While they are loyal, they also have to keep the pack in mind along with their own strategy to survive.

Fell - Female
Earned - gender

Seeker (see-kur) OPEN 2/4
These carry out multiple tasks including, healers, messenger, hunter, explorer, nurse, ambassador, etc. Anything to provide for the pack, these wolves take on pack related tasks that keep the pack health and strength up to par. These wolves do not risk their life as much as the next rank, but they do ensure that the pack is provided for and are a key to survival as all ranks are.

Amatullah - Female
Oddey - Male
Name - gender
Name - gender

Guardian (guh-ar-dee-an) OPEN 2/4
This is a risky rank to be in. These wolves specialize in territory patrol, assassinations, battles between enemies both kin and predator, and any other physical demands that requires tooth and claw. Guardians are assigned to all pack related activities such as accompanying hunts or messengers. It is their job to make sure each pack member is kept safe in a mysterious and unpredictable land like Vanora.

Artemis - Male
Joachim - Male
Name - gender
Name - gender

Amateur (am-uh-tur) OPEN 0/4
These are the youngest of the pack ages 6 months to 1 year. They are kept well guarded by seekers and trained in shadow with a fell pack member at age 2. Amatuers do not leave pack territory unless accompanied by an adult 3 years or older.

Name - gender
Name - gender
Name - gender
Name - gender

Alien (aye-lee-en) UNLIMITED
This wolf is unknown to the pack, an outsider. Aliens are to be kept outside of pack territory at all times and must keep at bay of the boarderlands of the packs territory. These wolves must be escorted by a guardian to see the Arch who remains within territory most of the time. Aliens are watched closely in case of ambush or assassination. Injured or sickly Aliens may be tended to but must stay at the borders until word is given for the Alien to enter the territory.

Mikel- Male
Anna - Female
Grimthorne - Male
Jabare - Male
Sykari - Female

Neutrals (neh-oo-tralls) UNLIMITED
These are the wolves who remain at the borders along with Aliens, but are easily friend or foe and do not want to join the pack directly. They can be a help or a doom to the pack. Neutrals have the same territory demands as the Aliens for security purposes. If you decide you would like to join the pack as a member, you will be moved to Alien until a rank is given by the Arch.

Nightdragon - Male
Brier - Female
Nixie - Female
Name - gender

Note: Ranks may be added or expanded at any time as they are filled.

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