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Getting Started in Game

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Getting Started in Game Empty Getting Started in Game

Post by Noella on Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:54 pm

1. Registion/Joining
It is required that members fill out a joining form on site or on our Wolfquest thread. Our site application is found in the Guest Board tab under Character Applications forum. Applications are accepted within 24-48hrs or register without acceptance and we will catch up with you at our earliest opportunity. Registration names may vary.

2. Post your Biography
Post your Character Sheet in the Characte Sheet forum under Character Management tab. This topic contains more detailed personal information about your character. User our optional character template as a guide-some fields in the template are required in biographies.

3. Activate Character Status Sheet
When you edit your profile or view your profile by clicking your username, you will see the Character Status Sheet at the end of the tab selection next to contact(viewing by clicking on your name) or next to drafts(viewing in edit profile). Click "Generate" to activate your character status sheet. Most fields will start out as empty until you've activated your sheet so that a Gsme Master can import your information.

4. Roll for Abilities
Your character will roll the Abilities Dice to see what their starter ability stats are. You can pick what numbers of a set of 6 go to which ability based on your own preference. View the Ability Roll Example for more information and view of how to roll the dice. Check out Ability bonus points in the Wolf Breed guide.

5. Roll for Starter Packs
Your starter pack is some needed supplies for your character which includes Moons, Table Scraps, and cob webs. Learn more about Starter Packs in the Starter Pack guide. Follow the Rolling For Starter Pack example for a visual.

6. Meet the Arch
Once you get everything filled out in your character sheet, your stat sheet, and know what your starting out with, it's time to jump into the roleplay. Hiw you enter the rp is up to you. Once you meet the Arch, you'll be given a test which requires use of the dices. When/if you pass the test, you earn your rank. You have an infinite number of chances and the tests are always changing. Talk to Fell in the RP to see what she wants you to do. This is your first quest to earn some experience points. Good luck!

7. Your Adventure begins!
Once you are accepted into the pack, you choose what you want to do next! Check out the Quest log or request a hunt! Battle predators and defend your pack. Pack it up and move it out, you've got a pack who needs you. Check out the supply shops if you need some extra supplies for your journeys using Moons. We hope you love it here as I do!  Enjoy the game!

Note: We are in a beta phase, so some game features such as the supply shops may not be available yet, but will be soon. Thank you for understanding!

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