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Q&A for Members and Guests

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Q&A for Members and Guests Empty Q&A for Members and Guests

Post by Noella on Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:30 am

How many characters can I have?
One, until further notice.

What is the RP rating?

Can my username be 'unique'?
We prefer your wolf's name, but usernames can be what we want them to be as long as they can be read and kept appropriate.

What are the Ranks for this pack?
Click me.

What are Dominance Points?
The general site currency outside the roleplay used for purchasing item in the site shop such as a unique username color, username change, character slots and more.

Where do I find the dice option?
Dice can only be seen in the reply section where you see poll options. You won't see it in quick reply at this time.

Where do I roll to get my abilities?
Click me. You'll find further instructions in the Get Your Abilities topic about how to roll the dice.

Where do I roll to get my starter pack supplies?
Click me. Dice instructions are found in the link as well.

How do I know when to roll the dice?
Game Masters will indicate what dice need to be rolled, but members can also refer to the Action Guide found HERE for a better idea of when to roll.

Are Game Masters 'in control' of my character?
No. Game Masters are in control of the outcome from the actions your character takes. For example, if someone posts they they are digging for a scap of meat, once that member rolls the fate dice, Game Masters give the outcome of your actions based on the roll of the dice.

Is the dice roll always absolute?
No. Sometimes certain scenarios can out rule the roll of the dice. Game Masters take this into account.

Do I have a say in what does and doesn't happen to my character regardless of the dice roll?
Yes and no. The game is specifically designed to have a dice system for an unpredictable way of roleplaying, however if a member doesn't want a scar or death of their character, there are ways in the game to prevent such things within the rules of the system.

The breed I want to use for my wolf isn't in the census. Can i still use it if i want to?
You can, but your character will be without bonus points till it is added.

Where is the Breed Guide?
Click me.

Can my character be in more than one thread at once?
3 is the max number of threads your character can be in. Liquid time is suspended during an event. Any current threads your character may be in at the time of the event are paused.

Can a change my characters breed later on if I want to?
No. If you do, you start over because your stats would change which may effect previous outcomes.

Can I 'start over'?
Yes. Members can restart their game at any time, however they would need to roll for Starter Pack and Abilities again.

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